How are you sanitizing to prevent COVID-19?

As a mother, I take my family’s and your family’s health very seriously. This is 100% for an overabundance of precaution. I have no reason to believe any of my stock has virus particles. The last art show I attended was March 7th, 2020, in an open-air environment on a beautifully sunny day. Since March 12th, 2020, my family (myself and my daughter) have been practicing social distancing and only completing necessary outings, with hand sanitizer in tow and immediately hand washing once home. We’ve utilized contact-free grocery and food services as well as online deliveries. I have even been opening every package outside, removing the item, and washing the item and my hands appropriately immediately after. I have been taking this novel coronavirus seriously as soon as I was aware of it, knowing the risks associated with something we know so little about. Here are the precautions I’m taking to ensure your crystals arrive safely:

According to WHO (World Health Organization), we know that human coronaviruses can be killed at roughly 133° F ( source: ). They have not specified a temperature for novel coronavirus, but have confirmed that COVID-19 does not do well under extreme heat. Every source I have found will not list a specific temperature for concern of the general public possibly harming themselves. For crystals/stones that cannot be cleaned properly with soap and warm water or alcohol due to their mineral structure, I bake them at 200° F for 45 minutes. This temperature is safe for the stones, but will kill any potential virus. Stones are then handled only by gloved hands for packing, while I’m wearing a face mask.

Initially, I had planned to also seal the envelope/package with gloved hands. I quickly learned how much tape loves to stick to said gloves and have had to adjust. After securing the order in the package, I remove the gloves, thoroughly hand-wash according to CDC guidelines ( ), and seal the envelope or package with tape. Tape dispensers are being regularly disinfected, as well as the exterior of the tape roll (possibly overkill, but I’m taking every precaution I can think of).

Paper used in wrapping individual items has also been oven-treated for disinfection. Ray Bradbury taught us all that paper burns at 451° F, so the temperature I am using does not burn or singe the paper (or at least hasn’t yet). Bubble wrap used has been soaked in a disinfectant solution, rinsed, and dried.

Again, this is 100% for an overabundance of precaution. I have no reason to believe any of my stock has virus particles, but want my customers to have peace of mind when ordering.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.