Labradorite Window Stone


This fun Labradorite Window Stone is a perfect small gift! Just over an inch in diameter, this guy is perfect for carrying in your pocket, purse, bra, wherever! Would look great on any windowsill or desk.

***Stone pictured is not current stone available***

Labradorite: A feldspar mineral often found in mafic rocks, which refers to a group of dark-colored, mainly ferromagnesian minerals formed by volcanic activity. Labradorite is well-known for its labradorescence, which is a beautiful display of colors reflected from a twinning surface within the stone. This means the shiny colors you see while moving the stone in your hand isn’t reflecting from the surface of the stone, but from within. Labradorite is not a traditional birthstone, but considered the natural birthstone for February and March.

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Weight 5 oz