Selenite Candle Holder


Unique, hand-carved Selenite Candle Holders are a wonderful way to warm up any space! While the mineral is soft and will disentigrate with liquid exposure, Selenite is still a popular mineral and makes a beautiful candle holder!

The electronic candle pictured is not included, however, two tea lights are included. Optional roasted marshmallow scented tea lights are also available; please specify in notes if you would prefer those.

Selenite: Selenite is the crystallized form of the mineral Gypsum and is very soft. It can easily be scratched with just a fingernail and should be protected from excessive water exposure. Selenite is a protective stone that can instill deep peace, making it excellent for meditation. It can evoke protection from the angelic realm, dispel negative energy, and even help one connect with their spiritual guardians. Selenite can also reverse the effects of free radicals, healing and repairing on a cellular level. Selenite is full of powerful, protective energy and wonderful for all types of spiritual work.

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Weight 20 oz